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        1. 肉雞養殖設備

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                  Yingkou Xinshun animal husbandry equipment factory was founded in 2006. It is a medium-sized enterprise focusing on the construction, design, mechanical equipment manufacturing and other integrated sales of breeding plants. The factory not only has production equipment and testing equipment and skilled technicians, but also widely absorbs the experience and technology at home and abroad, so as to meet the needs of farmers.




                  Products to a number of breeding models, multi-functional feeder, cleaning machine, hot stove, chicken manure dehydrator, cage, fan, water curtain and other supporting products. In the same industry, enterprises with high technology content, wide variety, many new products and high annual sales volume.




                 The products are sold to Hunan, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, and are highly praised and trusted by breeding users all over the world. Our factory takes the progress of science and technology as the development, and adheres to the cooperative relationship of "excellent science and technology, high quality".


          大石橋市鑫順畜牧機械設備有限公司 是一家從事養殖廠建設、設計、機械設備制造

          咨詢熱線136-0417-2833 159-4172-6116

          手機 :136-0417-2833  159-4172-6116

          網址 :www.moonbaosa.com

          地址 :  遼寧省營口市大石橋旗口鎮



          主營區域: 遼寧 營口 錦州 沈陽 大連 丹東 黑龍江 吉林 河北 山東